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Product detail PP300-BOX


wall-mounting temperature transmitter without galvanic separation, IP65
  • inbuilt transmitter PP300 with power supply 12-30V DC
  • it is designed for:
       - resistance from resistance transmitter (potentiometer) 0..100Ω, 0..1kΩ and 0..10kΩ
       - voltage 0-10V DC, thermistors by request
  • voltage output 0-10V
  • programmable range, min. span 10°C
  • accuracy ±(0,07%+0,1°C)
  • easy programming range by AX-USB adapter (AY-USB) without power supply

€72.70 excl. VAT

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Multi-purpose temperature and resistance transmitter without galvanic isolation
  • transmitter is mounted in a connection head DIN "B" dimension or any box
  • easy programming by AX-USB adapter (AY-USB) without power supply
  • transmitter with 0..10V ouput is designed for:
       - any RTD sensor, resistance transmitter or potentiometer 0..100Ω, 0..1kΩ and 0..10 kΩ
       - voltage 0..10V, thermistors..

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